Bootstrap 4 Developer

I Specialize In Developing Responsive-First Websites Using Bootstrap . In August Of 2017, Bootstrap (Finally) Released Bootstrap 4.0 Beta With Amazing Results.

Boostrap 4

Bootstrap Expertise

I've been using Bootstrap as a mobile-first Front End Framework for almost 5 years. Although I've used other frameworks like Semantic UI and Foundation in the past, Bootstrap is my favorite.


Enterprise-Level Websites

Lending Cloud

Lending Cloud

Lending Cloud is an innovative, fully integrated, credit management solution used by over 800 US banks and credit unions.

Cosmetic Surgery Forum

Cosmetic Surgery Forum

Cosmetic Surgery Forum is a multi-specialty educational symposium that covers the latest research, treatment and techniques in dermatology and cosmetic surgery.



The Moody’s Analytics CreditLens platform helps financial institutions make better commercial lending decisions, with increased speed and efficiency.

Mensch Ventures

Mensch Ventures

Founded in 2016 by Silicon Valley people leader Beth Steinberg, Mensch Ventures is a People and Talent advisory firm focused on helping companies scale, enhance culture and drive business results.

User Experience Design Omaha

UX Omaha

UX Design | Neil Humphrey is a UX Designer, Front End Web Developer, and Webmaster. UX Omaha is a community for best UX practices, UX Research, and UX Jobs.

Omaha Code

Learn to code - Omaha Code is an on online code academy and tutorial site. Learn how to start coding with our online code tutorials and helpful guides.

iOS & Android Mobile Applications

I have experience designing and developing two iOS and Android applications. I developed and designed the front end using Bootstrap 4, Kendo UI, and Telerik for Action Card 3 and the Hope Interpreter app.

Hope Interpreter App

Hope Interpreter App

Helps facilitate interpreter communication and scheduling with patients that require interpreter services.

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Action Card 3

Action Card 3 App

Download Action Card today and start streamlining your location evaluation process and driving greater consistency and standards compliance.

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Bootstrap 4 Features


Migration From Less To Sass

Bootstrap now compiles faster than ever thanks to Libsass , and we join an increasingly large community of Sass developers .

Flexbox Grid System

moved nearly everything to flexbox , added a new grid tier to better target mobile devices, and completely overhauled our source Sass with better variables, mixins, and now maps, too.

Redesigned And Improved

Redesigned it, rewrote it all in Markdown, and added a few handy plugins to streamline examples and code snippets to make working with our docs way easier. We also added an amazing new search form!

New Customization Options

Instead of relegating style embellishments like gradients, transitions, shadows, grid classes, and more to a separate stylesheet like v3, we’ve moved all those options into Sass variables. Want default transitions on everything or to disable rounded corners? Simply update a variable and recompile.